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An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
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CIMS Financial Systems Applications
CIMS Student Systems Applications
CMT is a Certified Support and Services Associate with LINQ. For over thirty years, we have marketed and supported CIMS Software as an integrated package of applications which have become a standard for Michigan ISD's and school districts. CIMS software is a complete solution for managing everything from employee payroll and accounts payable, to student records, student schedules and student absences, to stock supplies and just about everything else in between.

Application Control System™ (ACS) Module
ACS defines security, controlling your ability to determine access to sensitive data, and how it is used.

Financial Management System™ (FMS) Module
FMS is an interactive, double-entry, fund-based encumbrance accounting system. You determine the structure, format and elements of your account codes to meet local, state and federal requirements. Multiple years of detailed financial information an audit trails are available online for quick review and comparison between current and prior years. FMS is completely integrated with the Payroll, Human Resource, Warehouse, and Fixed Asset Systems, greatly reducing duplicate entry of data in each system.

Employee Management System™ (EMS) Module
EMS is a sophisticated payroll system and employee database, designed to handle one of the most critical, time-sensitive activities at your district. Detailed employee information is up-to-date and available online, and all payroll transactions are automatically posted to the General Ledger in FMS.

Human Resource Management System™ (HMS) Module
HMS enables you to establish a detailed inventory of all approved positions, assists in budget preparation, and matches applicants to vacant positions. Substitute tracking matches qualified substitutes to employee absences and interfaces the information to EMS for payroll processing. HMS tracks career paths and professional development, and automatically carries applicant information into EMS when applicants are hired.

Fixed Asset Inventory System™ (FAS) Module
FAS helps simplify your property control. You can define your own asset categories, track multiple fixed asset inventories, utilize various types of depreciation methods, and control asset transfers and retirements online. FAS is GASB compliant.

Warehouse Inventory System™ (WHS) Module
WHS efficiently monitors the flow of warehouse inventory and leverages volume discounts through centralized purchasing control. Stock items, requisitions and inventory statuses are viewed online.

State Level Reporting
More than ever, schools and districts must rely on their finance systems to report detailed aggregated and disaggregated data to their state agencies for mandated accountability and funding reporting. CIMS Finance tracks the data necessary for individual state reporting requirements. We work closely with state Departments of Education to monitor changes to funding requirements, helping to ensure your ability to deliver the data that your state demands in the appropriate format when needed.

Student Management System™ (SMS) Module
SMS allows districts to maintain all types of demographic data, including home information, discipline records, emergency data, immunizations, course requests and more. Districts may also transfer and promote students online instantly.

Student Grading System™ (SGS) Module
SGS automates comprehensive student and academic information. Student grades, teacher comments, course credit histories, G.P.A.s and class rankings can be tracked and provided to parents, students and other educational institutions. Grades can be alpha, numeric, plus/minus, short word or percents, and can be printed on report cards or transcripts. The module also allows grades to be entered quickly via scanners or the Web, and generates various reports with the Grading Report Writer.

Student Scheduling System™ (SCH) Module
SCH allows you to automatically schedule student groups or individuals online and lets you print student schedules and class rosters. Schools may define their own course codes, linked courses, balancing factors, electives and alternate course parameters. Requests can be scanned, entered via the Web, or entered by keyboard, and the automatic Resource Allocator helps build a master schedule. A variety of reports, including the Potential Conflict Report, help determine schedule validity.

Student Attendance System™ (SAS) Module
SAS enables each school to define its own terms, periods, entry and withdrawal codes, absence reasons and membership calculations. Attendance can be managed on a period-by-period, half-day, full-day or select-period basis. Absences can be recorded by period, teacher, homeroom, course, range of periods, range of dates or via custom-defined parameters. For enhanced ease and efficiency, absences may be entered via keyboard, the Web, or scanner, and information may be retrieved with the flexible Student Report Writer.

CIMS® Scanning Operations™ (CSO) Module
CSO enables fast and accurate data entry through state-of-the-art scanning technology and forms design.

If you are interested in additional information on any of the CIMS® products, please contact  Kimberly Schalk.

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