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An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
An Employee Owned Company
"Striving to serve with excellence"
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CMT Disaster Recovery Services
Fire, storm damage and vandalism can destroy your iSeries/AS400 and effectively shut down all data processing operations until the unit is
repaired or replaced and reloaded. Can your payroll wait a week or longer? Does your school district or company have a plan in place to deal
with equipment failure?

CMT recognizes the importance of a disaster back-up and recovery program and offers a yearly subscription program.  From the initial setup,
tape backup and offsite storage plan, to utilizing our system as a hot-site to perform critical operations, CMT will do everything we can to
assist you in creating an effective recovery plan.

Supported Software

CMT supports the following IBM OS/400 versions and release levels:

   • Version 7 Release 1
   • Version 6 Release 1
   • Version 5 Release 4
   • Version 5 Release 3

CMT supports the following list of CIMS Student and Finance products.

Student Products

Finance Products

To learn more information on all of our CIMS G/T supported software, please visit our CIMS G/T Software Page.

• Application Control System (ACS)
• Employee Management System (EMS)
• Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAS)
• Financial Management System (FMS)
• Human Resource Management System (HMS)
• Warehouse Inventory System (WHS)
• Synergy

   Application Control System (ACS)
   Student Attendance System (SAS)
   Student Scheduling System (SCH)
   Student Grading System (SGS)
   Student Management System (SMS)
   Student Person Inform (SPI)
   CIMS Scanning Operations (CSO)